A Change Of Heart

A Change Of Heart

“This may indeed be my shortest column. It doesn’t take long to admit your powers of reasoning were simply headed in the wrong direction. Not just that you were looking at the problem from the wrong perspective or that your line of attack to solve the problem was flawed at the beginning. In truth, it has simply taken me over 20 years to “change.” Change is good, but we all resist it at our core. I still don’t Twitter but I may…yet.  We like the familiar. The more something is like what we are already comfortable with, the better our mental health and the more likely we are to travel familiar highways.

I almost feel like Alice  peering through the looking glass and discovering a topsy turvy world where all normal meanings are the opposite of what should be expected.  I just spent the last 20 years…”

Click here to read more, originally published in the November 2017 edition of Broker World Magazine.

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