Serious Flaws

Fairly certain no one will argue with the notion that limitations or restrictions that apply to specific policy benefits can be considered “flaws.” Any benefit that is not complete as presented must be inadequate by definition and therefore “flawed.” What “is” is of course crucial, but what “ain’t” is critical to our professional survival.

A vibrant combo life and annuity market has bubbled to the surface. As predicted repeatedly in this column over the last 10 years. (Sorry, I couldn’t stop myself.) You simply do not want to be the company that does not have a critical illness/long term care combo option. Not having one paints a giant target on the back of any existing coverage. Home office 1035 personnel are vibrating in anticipation. Combo policies have been around forever; truthfully the two birds with one stone story never loses its luster. The corollary truth is equally important: Two risks require two costs. Nobody rides free.

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