Video Training Library

I could use your help in this area with ideas on how to setup. Below are my thoughts. From that can you make a recommendation?

Agency Academy is an area to highlight agent training. This is one of our major value propositions and will continue to be in the future. Looking to house a video library here that allows us (Insurance Advisors) to easily add more videos quite easily on our own similar to Blog Posts.

Key features we are looking for:

1. Tag / Section links to filter through the videos

2. Search functionality

3. Playlist functionality

4. Each lesson/video would have a separate page allowing for descriptions and links to supporting documents

5. Not sure if we can embed YouTube Videos while staying in Website?

Below I have added some pictures of what I thought was good from a company that has since gone out of business so you can’t see it anymore.

Also, here is a site that houses the videos similarly as I’m looking for where they have embedded YT videos