4 Reasons to Sell Group/Multi-Life LTC

4 Reasons to Sell Group/Multi-Life LTC

Navigating the ever changing insurance marketplace takes a focus or working with a partner that has that focus.  Insurance Advisors is that partner for you and from everything happening in the market – now is the time to move forward prospecting for Group/Multi-Life LTC sales.  Many agents are adding this to their sales platform and you don’t want to be left behind.

4 Reasons:

  1. Incredible market opportunity
  2. 5 potential carriers/products not including association options
  3. Simplified Issue
  4. Completes retirement planning

Incredible market opportunity

Companies adding a LTC benefit to their employee offering increases everyday however there is still much opportunity let to be had.  For companies of 500 employees or less there is less than 1% penetration compared to their larger brethren of 9% for companies less than 5,000 and 31% for large companies.  Not enough agents are talking about this incredible benefit and you should add this to your sales process prior your competition does and leaves you behind.

5 potential carriers / products

With new carriers entering the market it makes it easier to find options for your clients that work.  From true group, simplified issue multi-life LTC, executive carveouts, and options for compromised health the carriers are available.  We will help guide you to the options and proposals for your clients.

Simplified Issue

Simplified issue makes LTC more attractive and easier to execute for clients and agents.  As quick as 3 days and a policy can be approved.

Completes retirement planning

All too often people / employees / companies focus on the growth of retirement planning without addressing the protection of that retirement plan.  LTC is that protection and by adding a LTC benefit completes the retirement planning offering to their employees.

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