5 Steps To Building Your LTCi Business Plan

5 Steps To Building Your LTCi Business Plan

Developing a plan for an entire year can be a daunting task.  With so many days ahead of you, it’s easy to get sidetracked and let a few months of inactivity slip and sabotage your success.  It’s time to take a more disciplined approach.

Stay Motivated All Year

Be sure to write down your business plan and place it where you’ll see it each day.  Also set up a repeating calendar entry each week to review the plan and the work you’ve done to achieve it.

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” ― Abraham Lincoln

Start small and focus on building a plan with measurable and achievable goals.

Set Goals

Be Realistic
It may sound great if your goal is to increase your Long-Term Care (LTC) Insurance business, but you might be setting yourself up for failure.  Instead commit to making LTC Insurance more fully integrated into your business.

Make Them Measurable
Numbers don’t lie, so use them to make yourself accountable.  Pinpoint a certain number of applications you’d like to write, client meetings you’d like to host, or referrals you’d like to gain.

Create A Plan

Develop A Strategy
Now that your goals are in place, how will you reach them?  Create actionable items to focus on throughout the year.  Maybe it’s simply making LTC Insurance a part of every financial planning discussion you have or it’s committing to hosting quarterly education seminars in your community.

Target Completion Dates
Having monthly or quarterly milestones are a great way to track success, and provides you with ample time to plan ahead.

Take Action

Get Motivated
Your business plan may seem foolproof, but won’t work if you don’t put it into action.  Begin each day with a task to help you meet a specific goal.  You’ll build momentum to keep you focused and productive.

Commit To Your Plan
You’ve positioned yourself for success and have taken the time to establish specific goals, strategies, and deadlines.  Stick to your plan and give it a chance to work

Track Results

Are you ahead of your goals or are you falling behind?  Regularly reviewing your progress will provide you with direction on how to focus going forward.

Make Adjustments
You may find that one approach works, and another does not.  Being flexible will allow you to change strategies to achieve overall success.

We’re here to help – reach out to your Long-Term Care Associate for assistance with your planning.

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