Are Your Clients Covered Against the Possibility Of A Disability?

Are Your Clients Covered Against the Possibility Of A Disability?

Life is full of unexpected ups and downs; fortunately, insurance provides a degree of certainty during these uncertain times.

The ability to work and earn a living is a valuable asset that is often overlooked. Are your clients protected against the possibility of a disability?  Have you ever asked a client how long they could live off of their savings if their income suddenly stopped?

It’s shocking to hear how many people haven’t even thought about or planned for a potential loss of income due to an unexpected disability.

Chances of becoming disabled are high

Did you know that three out of 10 workers between the ages of 25 and 65 will experience an accident or illness that keeps them out of work for three months or longer?

For clients and prospects between the ages of 25 and 45, the chances of becoming disabled for at least 90 days are greater than one in three.

And the statistics show the longer a disability lasts, the less likely the person will return to work.

Because the impact of a disabling illness or injury can be devastating, many consider risk protection an essential part of a sound financial plan.

Disability Income Insurance is a simple way to help individuals and families protect against a loss that can be devastating.  Help your clients realize the importance of planning ahead and protecting their income with Disability Insurance.

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