Disability Sales Tips

Disability Sales Tips

Sometimes the smallest changes can have dramatic results.  Speaking with one of our more successful Disability insurance agents as to what made them more successful a couple simple things came to light, two of which I’m highlighting today.  These simple insights align with our approach with long term care so they hit home.

As with all insurance lines agents should start the selling process with the WHY!  Without buy-in you don’t have a sale.  This agent keeps this piece simple by a simple wording change – They do not say Disability Insurance.  Instead replace it with –

“Income Protection”

Another thing we preach is to stay within a person’s budget.  For DI the standard rule is to never go above 2% of a persons’ income however you should also always start low and then go high.  Quoting the low option with a matrix of buy-up options attached prevents a clients walls from being raised from the beginning.  So much easier to talk them up a level instead of down.

“Quote 2-Year Benefit, 90 Day Elimination”

These two simple changes can help drive you more sales.

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