Expontential growth in the Medicare Market

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Expontential growth in the Medicare Market

Is the Medicare market active and lucrative? Well, there’s exponential growth in the Medicare market so we certainly think it is!

With over 10K people turn 65 a day, according to AARP, there is not doubt in our minds that robust opportunity lies in the Medicare Market.

As Medicare is everchanging, education and guidance on the matter is imperative. By offering Medicare services you will prove valuable to new and existing clients.

Those approaching 65 will need to understand the varying parts of Medicare and how to secure coverage without leaving gaps. It can be difficult to talk about personal matters such as health with a stranger and it is easy to become overwhelmed with all of the moving parts of Medicare. It will be up to you to make them comfortable enough to discuss these details. Getting to know their situation rather than bombarding them with plan information will help ease the conversation. Once a repour is established, use the information they already unveiled to push the conversation forward towards a solution(s). After all, it is your duty as an agent to guide them to making their own informed decision. Set the stage and let them open up to you.

Within this exponential market you will already have leads at your finger tips. You have established relationships built around guidance, support and trust within your current book of business. When the time comes for them to select a Medicare plan, they will trust that you can offer the assistance and insight they need. Maybe they will even tell a friend!

At Insurance Advisors, we find your success to be just as important as your clients satisfaction. Our Medicare-3-P’s Program sets you up for exactly that. Success! Whether you are breaking into the market, looking for leads, or are already active by partnering with Insurance Advisors you can boost your book of business .

We offer the resources you need to penetrate the market, propel your sales, and protect your book of business. Contact Insurance Advisors today to start offering senior solutions and capitalize on the exponential growth in the senior market!

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