Final Expense

Final Expense

Products & Features

  • Simplified Issue

  • Guaranteed Issue

  • Guaranteed Premium

  • Funeral Trust

  • Estate Planning Trust

  • AD&D Riders

  • Accelerated Benefit Riders

We believe your clients should have peace of mind about their medical and funeral costs that come after death.

By offering Final Expense insurance you can give your clients an opportunity to cover funeral expenses now, relieving their family and loved ones of the responsibility and stress in an already turmoil filled time.

The most difficult part of selling Final Expense is having the conversation with your clients.

Sales can be affordable, simple and easy. There is a product most everyone can qualify for. If you have clients that cannot qualify for a typical life insurance product due to pre-existing conditions or medical history, a Final Expense policy is a great solution that will cover the expenses related to their death.

We provide a final expense quote tool for your use.

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