Finding success with selling LTC in a virtual era

Finding success with selling LTC in a virtual era

Establishing a personal connection and understanding with your client is a key component to a successful LTC sale. As recent events have changed the way many people conduct business, you may be wondering; How do we accomplish that with less opportunity of a face-to-face meeting? How do we engage with our clients on a personal level via online and over the phone? How do we find success selling LTC in a virtual era?

Ask the right questions!

For example, bringing up questions that prompt self-examination such as:

“How many loved ones in your life would be effected if you suddenly needed extended care?”

 “With the plan currently in place would they be able to maintain their lifestyle and carry out life plans, such as college or retirement?”

“What is your biggest concern should you need chronic care?”

“What Assets do you want to protect?”

These personal assessments can open the conversation allowing you to understand their objectives and values, all the while helping drive-home the need and reasoning for purchasing a policy. This approach will minimize objections, as you will have a clearer understanding of your client and how to meet their needs.

Although this strategy may reduce the chance of objection, it is likely that price is still a concern. Due to your initial approach, you have already established a personal connection with your client and knowing what they desire to protect, you can remind them that their values out-weigh the price.

As you move forward in the process, maintain the engagement by addressing their concerns. Explaining their options will show them that you are listening, you too hold importance to what they value, and you are not just trying to sell them “something”, but rather you are providing a personalized solution. LTC is an emotionally heavy matter that requires the client to understand that they are paying for something that hopefully they never have to use, though chances are they will. Having a plan in place will dramatically reduce the impact of a LTC event not only financially, but also minimizes the burden that would otherwise likely fall onto family and loved ones.

We offer support for agents looking to excel there LTC business such as our LTC Consumer Guide and Workbook, assistance with appointments, contracting, and back office support, in addition to years of LTC expertise. For guidance on successfully selling LTC online and over the phone, contact Insurance Advisors.

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