Flexibility To Meet Changing Needs

Flexibility To Meet Changing Needs

Most of the time in life, the future isn’t clear.  Clients want to make the best financial decisions for their families, but will the “best” decision for today meet tomorrow’s needs?

In times of uncertainty like these, clients need flexible planning strategies that can change when their needs change.

Universal Life with a Long-Term Care Rider can provide the flexibility clients want and need.

Properly designed, it offers:

  • A tax-free death benefit
  • Ability to use the death benefit for qualified long-term care expenses
  • Access to tax-free cash value

For example, clients often purchase coverage to protect against the loss of income at death, but later find they need help supplementing retirement income or paying for costly long-term care expenses.

In this situation, Universal Life policy holders have the flexibility to use their policy as they see fit.  They can leave the death benefit to provide for beneficiaries, use the policy cash values for income or tap into the death benefit to pay for long-term care expenses should the need arise.

Could your clients use the flexibility and benefits provided by a properly structured Universal Life policy?  If so you might be surprised about how much value can provide to clients for just $500 per month.

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