Getting Clients to Start the Conversation

Getting Clients to Start the Conversation

Having clients start the conversation can be great if we are prepared although it could mean you are not approaching the subject with your clients like you should.  However when it comes to Medicare sales it is not allowed to bring up other lines of products in hopes of increasing your sales.

It is possible for you to still drive the conversation without bringing up the topic.  Take the Medicare sale, it is a perfect opportunity to transition some of the savings a client will see (especially with Advantage sales) into another product.  So how do you do this?

Just as a person will likely bring up your children if you have a picture of them on your desk, so will they inquire about Long Term Care should their be a poster in your office that connects with them.  Working with many of our agents we are distributing LTC posters for them to put up in their office near where they will be taking care of their clients for Medicare.  LTC value propositions such as taking care of their loved ones or the ability to purchase $3,000 in coverage for less than $40 can really grab their attention.

Should you wish to have a poster in your office to drive sales this year, Contact Us.





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