Health Insurance Unaffordable – What Options are in Your Arsenal?

Health Insurance Unaffordable – What Options are in Your Arsenal?

“We really see the mix shifting away from ACA-compliant plans, because of the high premiums,” Francis said. “We were having an exceptionally low conversion rate, because of the affordability issue.” ~Dave Francis, eHealth’s COO.

The article by Allison Bell; Only 5% of Our Off-Season Buyers Can Afford Major Medical: Web Broker – But the company, eHealth, says dental and Medicare supplement commission streams look great. | July 27, 2018 at 02:58 PM

brings to the forefront probably the biggest challenge with the ACA plans.  People are having a hard time finding an affordable solution for health care.  The trend is to find low cost solutions for health care but supplement it with ancillary solutions to bolster coverage.  Some clients are even foregoing the health coverage.

We at Insurance Advisors are helping agents by providing them with more solutions in their arsenal to combat this issue.  For both Individual and Group health clients we can help you better position yourself.  Contact me to learn more about the solutions available.

Beyond just providing you solutions that can help better position you and your clients, we are building out an enrollment platform focused on reducing costs (complete with ACA options) to easily quote and enroll Ancillary & Health options.  For those struggling for time during the 4th quarter, this could give you the edge to get more done and increase your commissions in less time.  Enrollment platform should be available beginning of September.

Join us on August 22nd to learn more regarding how ancillary solutions can supplement your 4th quarter strategy.  Webinar Sign-up


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