Home is where the sale is.

Long Term Care Insurance

Home is where the sale is.

When having the initial conversation about purchasing Long Term Care, be sure to ask where your client prefers to receive care. Chances are, they’ll say that they want to receive Long Term Care in the comfort of their own home.

65% of long-term care is provided in the home – either in the home of the person receiving care or at a family member’s home.

Many people visualize long-term care as displacing to a nursing facility – but plans allow for 100% of the benefits to be paid at home, allowing clients to stay with loved ones in an environment they’re used to.

Highlight the home care benefits that are automatically included in the coverage. This shows them that there are solutions that will fit their needs, while also showing that you are listening to their wants.

Like most people, imagining a long-term care situation is hard and uncomfortable, particularly the specifics of assistance with daily activities of living.  Nursing Homes and assisted living facilities are likely not where they imagine themselves. When you focus on these at home benefits, you’ll appeal to to your clients’ wish to maintain their independence and quality of life, while boosting your opportunity for a successful sale.

At Insurance Advisors, we are here to help you find your clients and prospects affordable and the quality solutions for your clients’ needs. If Long Term Care is not an option for them, we have alternative solutions to explore. We firmly believe that some coverage is better than none.

For assistance with Long Term Care Sales, please do not hesitate to reach out today.


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