How to Ensure Financial Stability Before an Accident Arises

How to Ensure Financial Stability Before an Accident Arises

Some May Not Always Be Enough

Potential clients may confuse the coverage advantages of medical insurance, disability insurance, life and long-term care insurance without even knowing. The details differentiating each type of insurance can be confusing and overwhelming. How about opposition to buying an additional disability policy because their work provides ‘some’ coverage? Frequently many clients fall into this scenario because they believe what coverage their health insurance or job offers is satisfactory.

As an agent, it is important to communicate the intricacies of each option and what best fits their needs. It is likely that at that time, they don’t think they need Disability Insurance. Unfortunately, life happens… we get ill, accidents occur, and we still must pay the bills. Their financial lifestyle could change dramatically if they were to get sick or hurt, therefore unable to work for a period. To protect ones accumulated wealth and maintain a comfortable means of living, adequate financial planning needs to be in order.  Budgeting for such a hypothetical time is hard to grasp. These situations are not expected to happen, so how do you plan for them? To insure protection over the things we cannot afford to lose, looking at a variety of insurance options is a good place to start planning.

  • Health Insurance for medical expenses
  • Life Insurance for family stability if the benefactor passes
  • Disability Insurance to provide sustainable income when unable to work

Disability coverage is beneficial to supporting a comfortable lifestyle at a time of a life halting event. This can mean several months without work or switching to part-time.

Insuring your client has the financial means to manage these stressful times through Disability coverage can make the world of difference in their lives.

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