IA Advantage

The IA Advantage

Not enough agents are talking about LTC benefits with their employer groups. Benefit managers can have ear fatigue regarding Life, Disability, and Health but mention long term care and their mood can change quickly. Use LTC as a door opener to groups your trying to win over. Ask your current groups and I’m sure you will be surprised by the interest.


Number of Employees Number of US Firms with Employees Sponsored Plans in Place
1-99 4,895,073 3131
100-499 84,829 701
500-999 8,408 681

The Need is there!
The Opportunity is there!
Where are you?

We work with agents of all levels. Our Goal at Insurance Advisors is to assist agents and BGA’s helping them with multi-life LTC. Many agents and BGA’s are not positioned to successfully execute LTC in the worksite environment. Even those comfortable with the LTC sale can find a large group case daunting. Through training and support we help you avoid pitfalls and traps that sabotage a case and help you increase buy-ups and spousal policies increasing the premium for a case.