Kathy’s Corner: A New Year… A New You!

Kathy’s Corner: A New Year… A New You!

Here we are, finally leaving 2020 behind, bravely entering 2021 with high hopes that it will prove to be a better year for everyone! Will you be complacent and continue doing business as you have in the past, or will this be the year when you try something new? Whether it is a new method of doing business, or an expansion into a line of insurance where you have not ventured before, Insurance Advisors is here to support and encourage you as you explore the possibilities.

We have all had to embrace the virtual meeting format over the past year, some with more success than others. It’s no secret that not everyone feels comfortable in front of a camera, and when you add in the occasional interruptions by family members and pets when working from home, its sometimes easier to laugh about it rather than stress over what your audience might be thinking. It is important to remember, that with all that is going on, no one is expecting perfection, so relax and have fun with it!

With the necessity of reducing or eliminating in-person meetings, the importance of utilizing e-apps to do business has become apparent. They have been around for some time now, but many agents are still reluctant to make that switch from paper applications. From the carrier’s perspective, e-apps result in more apps submitted in good order, which is good for business, and can ultimately result in faster, more streamlined processing. For the agent who likes to submit paper apps, however, the prospect of completing an electronic application can be daunting. After all, in the case of many e-apps, if you cannot complete a page of the application in its entirety, the application system may not allow you to move on to the next page…good for the carrier, but potentially inconvenient and frustrating for the agent as well as the client. Practice and preparation are the key. Many carriers offer a “Sandbox” where you can practice and therefore know what information you will need when completing the actual app with the client. The time when the carriers are no longer willing to accept paper applications and everyone will be forced to embrace the new technology is looming. Be brave and give it a try if it is new to you…we are here to assist you through the transition.

How many times over the years have you toyed with the idea of expanding your business into a new line of insurance? If you are primarily a Life agent, have you made sure your clients who are still working have adequate Disability coverage in case they experience a disabling illness or accident? Not all employers provide DI coverage as a benefit at work and this may not be a type of coverage that your client is familiar with or understands. Chances are you if you went through your book of business you would find potential clients who need the coverage. Increase your value to your clients by looking beyond what you may have provided in the past and help them secure the future for themselves and their families.

Regardless of what step you decide to take in the coming year to become the new you, whatever you do, you can feel confident that it will make you a better person and a stronger agent. Ask us how we can help you achieve your goals!


Kathy Brooks, Insurance Advisors – Account Relations Manager

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