Kathy’s Corner: May Is Disability Awareness Month!

Kathy’s Corner: May Is Disability Awareness Month!

Disability coverage is not always at the forefront of an agent or client’s mind.  Some are fortunate enough to be provided DI coverage through their employer, but the majority are not.  Recent events drive home the fact that life is unpredictable and filled with uncertainties.  Accidents and illness are not planned, and few people are prepared to handle the financial issues that these events bring about.

For those who are provided coverage through their employer, it is important to determine the type of coverage they haveShort-Term DI or Long-Term DI.  They may have STD, but LTD may be necessary as well to provide the income security they need.  As a business owner, Business Overhead Expense coverage may be advantageous.  If an employer is not offering coverage to their employees, use the opportunity to present the option of group DI coverage.  With it’s reduced rates and SI underwriting, it can provide a valuable benefit to a company’s employees as well as an answer to clients with health issues.

With the varying occupations, health and risks your clients present, it is important to have access to the many tools and products available in order to determine the best DI coverage for them.

Whether your client is a business or medical professional, a small business owner, or just a hard working individual looking to provide income security for their family, your clients depend on you as their agent to assist them.

Whether you are an experienced DI professional, or you have never sold DI, by partnering with Insurance Advisors, you can be assured that you and your clients will be provided with the best coverage options and solutions available.  Call today for more information on how Insurance Advisors can assist you in finding the best DI coverage for your clients.

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