Kathy’s Corner – November

Kathy’s Corner – November

Let’s talk about a subject that tends to lead to procrastination…Continuing Education!   Somehow, even though we have 24 months to complete it, most of us put it off until it becomes a frantic scramble as the deadline approaches at the end of each renewal period.  Those of you who at some time did not manage to meet the deadline, are painfully aware of how your state’s DOI views that transgression.  As agents, we all try to stay on top of it, though some do a better job of this than others.  Completing CE is a lot like holiday shopping…we promise ourselves every year that we are going to start early, but somehow are still out shopping for those gifts at the last minute!  Believe it or not, there are those agents who enjoy the coursework and approach it with enthusiasm, while others just go through the motions to get it done.  Whatever your approach might be, I have a few suggestions to try and make it, if not enjoyable, at least more interesting.

Look for those opportunities that pop up in your area for live classes offering topic-specific training.  These usually offer 1 – 2 credit hours, and may be outside your normal realm of topics, but can provide you with variety and insight into areas that you may be able to utilize in your day-to-day practice.  This can also provide an opportunity to network with other agents in your area.

Try utilizing more than one CE provider to get a fresh take on your routine courses.  Retaking the same courses from the same provider, time after time can get redundant and boring.  Be sure to check the provider before taking courses to verify that they are recognized by the state and report in a timely manner to ensure that you get your credits.

Search through the provider’s catalogs and try some courses that will count toward your overall requirements but be on a topic that piques your interest or will help you broaden your client market…it is never too late to try something new!

Continuing Education is a necessary evil in the insurance world.  We all envy those agents who are “grandfathered” and no longer must satisfy those CE hours, but until then, try to enjoy and appreciate the opportunities we are provided as they enhance our value to our clients.


Kathy Brooks

Account Relations Manager
Insurance Advisors, Inc.

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