Kathy’s Corner: October is National Critical Illness Awareness Month

Critical Illness Awareness Month

Kathy’s Corner: October is National Critical Illness Awareness Month

In the interest of making sure your clients are fully protected in all aspects of their insurable lives, consider discussing Critical Illness coverage with them.  Clients are becoming more aware of the potential risk of cancer, heart disease and stroke, and with that, the subsequent financial consequences.  Whether the client is considering a full Critical Illness policy, or just a Cancer policy, making sure that they understand the coverage and the peace of mind it can provide is crucial.


Who needs Critical Illness policy?  According to Jesse Slome, founder, and director of the American Association for Critical Illness insurance (AACII), “There are 100 million Americans who may need this coverage, most of whom have never thought about their risk and ways to plan.”[1]  It is estimated that most people become aware of significant critical illnesses in their mid-30’s.  The month of October is an excellent opportunity for an agent to focus their marketing to clients who are between the ages of 40 and 60 for Critical Illness and Cancer.


Even though many employers are now offering Critical Illness and/or Cancer coverage as part of their employee benefits offering, there is still a strong market for individual plans.  There are multiple carriers offering products for this market, and each offer a unique set of benefits.  With close to 2 million Americans expected to be diagnosed with cancer each year, the need for coverage before the diagnosis is clear.


Insurance Advisors can assist you in reviewing your client’s needs and finding the right product for each situation.  Let us know how we can help.

[1] https://www.lifehealth.com/october-focus-provides-opportunity-critical-illness-insurance-awareness/

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