‘Let Me Think About It’

‘Let Me Think About It’

Often confusion sets in at the end of a sales presentation in which you delivered “everything” that they need to make a decision – addressed their goals, answered their questions, found and presented the best solution for their needs, the client says “Let me think about it”.

So what’s going on to make the client say “Let me think about it”.  All too often our kneejerk response is to say no problem and when would you like to meet again.  This is the wrong response!  The chances of closing the sale after they leave dramatically goes down if they walk out that door.  This is because you have their maximum attention when your meeting with them AND people tend to forget 75% of your conversation 24 hours later.

So what is the solution?  This article “9 Ways to Respond to ‘Let me think about it'” by Bryce Sanders has some decent tips for IF the Let Me Think About It occurs but these are a backup plan and I don’t recommend most of them if they can be avoided.  Instead you should address the issues right then and there.

WHAT????  There are issues???

Yes.  The reason people don’t buy and try to delay the process is because they are not bought on yet.  Diving into the issues and figuring things out will help close your sale and save you time and headaches.

My Suggestion

The reason clients tell me they want to think about it it’s because of 1 of 2 things:

  1. They are not interested, or
  2. They are interested but not sure

Ask them and if they are not interested then great, save your self time and headaches.  If they are unsure it’s because of 1 of 3 reasons:

  1. It’s not a Fit
  2. The Functionality is not there
  3. Its Finance

After listing the three F’s walk into each separately:

  • Is this solution a Fit for you?  If yes move on to the Functionality, if it is not a fit then address the issue right then and there to see if you can find a solution that is a better fit.

If it’s not Fit, if it’s not Function then we know it’s the Finance.  At this point you can introduce alternatives that is more in line with their budget.  If you use this strategy you will close more deals.

Lastly, if you are running into these last minute objections often, look at your sales process.  Chances are it is fundamentally broken and by fixing it you will run into these objections less often.  To discuss this or other strategies contact me to discuss further.






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