Life Insurance with Living Benefits

Life Insurance with Living Benefits

Life insurance often thought of providing a living benefit by allowing people to live their life fully without fear of an early death and placing their loved ones in a hard spot financially.  This is true but not all life insurance plans are created equal.

Newer life insurance plans are pushing so many “Living Benefits” into one package that it truly becomes part of the whole financial plan beyond death protection.

Looking at one solution for example provides all of these living benefit:

  1. Critical Illness – coordinates with health insurance plan
  2. Chronic Illness – coordinates as a backup plan for disability and LTC plans
  3. Terminal Illness – helps families with end of life care
  4. Cash growth (including indexed options) – financial plan enhancement
  5. Lifetime Income Rider – retirement planning
  6. Loans – flexibility in financial decisions


Agents not looking at life solutions, even on term side, without presenting a living benefits option is doing a disservice to their clients.

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