Life Settlements

Life Settlements

Products & Features

  • Cash Settlements

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

  • No Special License needed (certain states)

As your clients lives change, the intention, need, or value of their Life insurance policies will also change whether it is:

  • Increasing premium costs

  • Term coverage expiring

  • Family emergency

  • Funding LTC

  • General change in plans

By offering Life Settlements as an alternative solution to maintaining a Life Insurance policy. It will allow to the client to avoid totally losing a valued investment and add to the safety net of services you offer your clients.

Your client has paid the policy for years and it likely holds value. Don’t let your clients lapse or surrender their policy when there is another option to consider. Insurance Advisors can assist with licensing, contracting, and the sales process, helping you determine if this is the best option.

Ideal candidates for Life Settlements:

  • Over the age of 70

  • Health has changed from time of purchase

  • Policy over $100k death benefit

  • Convertible or permanent

Do you have an ideal candidate?

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Preliminary results within 24-48 hours of submission, notifying your quickly if you have a good case.

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