Long Term Care

What’s stopping you from selling Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCi)?

Fear? Cost? Uncomfortable with Presenting?

Success of an agency is directly reflected in their ability to help their clients. As a business and agency, success also can be derived by the ability to be an expert in a certain field. We understand that Long-Term Care sales can seem daunting and becoming an expert is no easy feat.

At Insurance Advisors we offer the expertise and support to succeed in the LTCi market.

Long Term Care Insurance advisors in Columbus, Ohio

We have programs in place, as well as several tools and resources available, to reduce the difficulty and stress.

LTC Consumer Workbook

LTC Consumer Seminar (Pairs with Workbook)

Training Opportunities


…and more!

With these in hand, you can confidently:

  • Educate clients on LTCi and the Importance of Securing Coverage
  • Walk your clients into the sale
  • Address concerns and questions on LTCi
  • Improve closing ratio

We Offer Well-Rounded Agent Support


Expert underwriting assistance

Case design

Submission assistance

Case management

Marketing & Sales Materials

Sales support

Referral support

Appointments & Contracting

We help guide you to the right solutions for your clients, providing them great coverage without over insuring.

Contact us to begin your LTCi sales success story!