Long Term Care, It’s Just a Conversation Away

Long Term Care, It’s Just a Conversation Away

Don’t let the topic of long term care intimidate you out of a potential sale.

Long term care is often perceived as a difficult subject to discuss, but the ultimate goal – financial security – is the same as with any other type of insurance or investment that you currently offer your clients.

The next time you sit down with you clients, avoid leading with product facts and statistics, and try asking the following questions to start the conversation.

  • Do you have personal experience with a family member or friend that needed long term care?
  • How and where was the care provided?
  • How was your/their impacted physically and emotionally?
  • How was the cost of care handled?

After discussing these details, ask your clients how they would handle that type of situation:

  • Have you thought about the impact to your assets and family if you were to someday need long term care?
  • Where would you want to receive care?
  • Could you financially absorb the cost of care?
  • What level of involvement would your family have in your care?

The goal is to help your clients see LTC insurance as the solution for a situation that could significantly impact their loved ones and their financial future.

They will begin to see the valuable benefits of LTC insurance, which creates a natural segue into a discussion on product features and details. Suddenly, the topic you were hesitant to discuss has transitioned into an LTC insurance sale.

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