Look Outside The Box To Save A Case

Look Outside The Box To Save A Case

An Underwriting success story about how a postponed case was turned around.

Here are the details:

  • 71- year- old female looking to replace $1 million of guaranteed UL coverage
  • Postponed informally due to recent labs in the APS showing severe anemia

Case was discussed in more detail with the carrier underwriter who took the time to provide recommendations regarding how to re-package the case to obtain an offer:

  • Request a letter from the client’s MD on the cause of the anemia
  • Secure a current, favorable CBC panel (complete blood count)

Fortunately, the client’s doctor identified the anemia as iron deficiency.  Subsequently, the client was started on iron supplements which resolved the anemia.  This was confirmed by a normal CBC panel she completed.

New Decision: Standard!

With the updated favorable medical evidence, this carrier was able to offer Standard rates which resulted in a placed case!

Our Underwriting Team is here to help with all your impaired risk cases!

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