#LTC Confusion

#LTC Confusion

A heated Twitter conversation about what long term care is and who is responsible for the funding provides insight into the way some people think.  It goes beyond not understanding the issue as it is hard to find anyone who hasn’t been touched by the issue.  It’s a mindset questioning if its the persons responsibility or the governments’ to take care of them should they need care.

It’s TRUE!  The government will take care of you… once you have spent down your assets.  And with the baby boomers running down the track towards needing care, private insurance will be more crucial to receiving good quality of care as funding dollars get stretched.

Great news is that your clients understand the need is real.  I challenge you to speak with them regarding #LongTermCare to see if you can assist them formulate a plan.

Contact me if you need help with the approach @mailto:ryan@ialtc.com

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