LTC Insurance Protects More Than Finances

LTC Insurance Protects More Than Finances

Yes – a LTC claim does have a financial impact but the impact is far more reaching…

The greatest impact a Long Term Care claim can have is on the emotional and physical states of the family.  From a spouses health going into decline due to the stress and physical labor needed to care for a loved one, to your daughter putting her life on hold.

A Tweet this week reminded me of just this point.

I’ve seen spouses decline from caregiving as my fathers care put my mom in the hospital as the strain was too much for her heart.  My personal fear is that my daughter putting her life on hold as I have seen others do.  Women to their credit are the caregivers of the world and daughters are compelled to take care of their parents should they need help.  As a parent however it’s my job to raise them well, for them to leave the house and make the most out of their lives.  I would feel guilty if my health put their life on hold for an extended period of time.

Are your kids in a position of providing care or managing it?

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  • Randy Gallas

    The reality is that scenarios like this are happening all over America. Prospects shopping for a LTC policy tend to focus in on the cost of a policy rather than the “cost” in personal sacrifices if in a caregiving role. As an agent I try to spend more time on using the LTC policy to manage care verse providing care.

    April 30, 2018 at 2:07 pm

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