Long-Term Care

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No financial plan is complete without including a Long-Term Care plan. As people age most do not want to go to a nursing home, rely on government aid, or put the responsibility of care on family members. Long-Term Care insurance can empower your client to choose how and where they receive care, relieving them and their family of the emotional and financial burdens of an LTC event. Not knowing how you will afford care or what quality of care you will receive is a serious matter and you can offer the solution.

By selling LTCi, you can truly help people make vital plans for their future while increasing your income with commissions and renewals.

We understand that taking on a new line of business can seem difficult amongst the normal workload and have developed sales and marketing resources to support agents selling LTCi at every level.

We Make Selling LTCi Easy!

When partnering with Insurance Advisors, you will gain access to:

  • LTC Consumer Workbook 
  • LTC Consumer Seminar
  • Training
  • Sales & Ongoing Backoffice Support
    • – Quotes 
    • – Underwriting
    • – Case Design
    • – … & more!

Sales Programs

Check out our Long-Term Care and Multi-Life Long-Term Care programs for more information on selling Long-Term Care.

Referral Program

Are you interested but cannot find the time to take on a new line of business? Check out our Referral Program to learn how you can extend the services you offer without adding to your workload.