MA Plans Linked to Lower Level of Hospital Visits

MA Plans Linked to Lower Level of Hospital Visits

New Study Links MA Plans to Lower Levels of Hospital Visits,” by Patrick Connole, Provider dives into Medicare Advantage (MA) vs. traditional Medicare.  Better care or stricter cost controls?

“At a time a growing number of long term and post-acute care providers are either entering or considering entering the Medicare Advantage (MA) market on the risk side, a new report by consultants Avalere Health said their research shows MA beneficiaries spent less time seeking hospital care for certain conditions. The report said MA plan holders with hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes experienced significantly fewer inpatient stays and emergency room visits relative to those in traditional fee-for-service (FFS) Medicare.”

MA plans have been positively moving on the growth curve as years go by and it appears this is resulting in healthier seniors.

Mutual of Omaha is getting into the MA market which is a win-win for clients and Mutual at the same time.

People living healthier reduces costs not just on the Medicare front but also on the LTC front as well.  Very smart move by the carrier.

If your not getting into this market yourself as an agent, you should consider moving forward as well.

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