Medicare Success Program

Medicare Success Program

Medicare is a thriving and vibrant line of business to pursue that can generate a stable and long lasting income stream to bolster any agency. Getting setup with the right tools and support and working with the right partner can be the difference of ok and explosive growth.

At Insurance Advisors (IA) we help agents grow their business through solutions, support, and tools. You will find our Medicare Program hits all 4 pillars of success. We offer tools and support that amplify an agents ability to approach, present, and close a sale essentially eliminating any ceiling of potential.

Our comprehensive support ranges from appointments, contracting, case management, to training and marketing support. We excel in all four pillars of success for our agents.

  • Solutions to meet your client’s health needs
  • Sales & Market Support
  • Tools to amplify your sales
  • Leads


Having a full suite of solutions to best take of your client is important. This ensures having the best solutions for your clients and avoids any holes that would drive your clients to seek out another advisor.

Insurance Advisors provides access and support to maximize your senior market sales which will grow your income and protect your clients from outside competition.

Medicare Advantage & PDP

Although a carefully regulated solution, these plans have grown in popularity and are a must to provide clients with a complete Medicare solution.

Medicare Supplement

Medigap plans, commonly known as Medicare Supplements provide open network access to their doctors and a stable cost structure that many clients will like. Additionally with the stable stream of income and door opening approaches these are crucial to a Medicare program.

Dental & Vision

DVH plans are the most common supplemental sale for Medicare clients. We have the solutions to help your diverse clients such as day one major services, affordable plans, and high max benefits.

Full Suite of Senior Market Solutions

Medicare is your door opener and stable renewal income. Maximizing that relationship is important and profitable. Promoting solutions off season such as Final Expense, Retirement Income Annuities, and Long Term Care can be valuable to your client and for you.

Sales & Marketing Support

Your most valuable time is being in front of the client or making the sale. Between our sales training, skilled back-office and marketing support, you can free up time allowing you to be where you excel.

Marketing Support Services

From marketing strategies to customized marketing pieces built by our in-house marketing team, we can assist to make things easier and drive more sales.

Call Center & Sales Support

We can’t know it all, especially when first diving in and learning a new line. Know that you have support and someone to call with answers to your questions.

Post-Sale Onboarding Support

This summer we are tackling two of the biggest challenges with post sale attrition with our Post-Sale Automated Onboarding tool.

  1. Loss of client to competition
  2. Follow-up questions to agents

“The folks at Insurance Advisors are
wonderful! They have been extremely
supportive to me and my practice.”

– John Young

Young’s Integrated Insurance Solutions