Medicare: What big expense isn’t covered?

Medicare: What big expense isn’t covered?

How often do you come across a client that brushes off the LTCi conversation because they believe they will be able to fully rely on Medicare? It is a confusing topic and easy to overwhelm.

If the idea of being financially prepared to take care of general medical expenses post-retirement isn’t already daunting, how about the fact that the solution you believe to be in place doesn’t actually help you when you are no longer able to perform daily activities of life?

Let’s talk about client education… If they don’t know, it’s not only your job to educate them but it is as well an sales opportunity. Sure, some of your clients might know all of the ins and outs of Medicare, but I bet many of them do not. This is an ideal time to not only spread LTCi awareness to those without any type of coverage in place, but as well a great time to review your current clienteles situation to ensure they are set up for success when the time comes that they need care. Perhaps they have a DI policy in place to cover daily expenses if they are injured on the job and assume Medicare will cover all of their expenses when care is needed after retirement. What are they missing? LTCi.

Discussing the numbers alone should open up your clients to the subject Long Term Care, and if a deeper impression needs to be made, share real life stories about the common effects being unprepared has on not only themselves, but on their loved-ones.

Though Medicare provides a host of key health benefits for seniors, it does not meet the average needs when it comes to long-term care. Planning ahead for that expense could save your clients a world of financial stress and upheaval should the need for it arise at any point during the golden years.

What’s better than helping others and making sales?

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