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Long-Term Care Employer Benefits

A Long-Term Care (LTC) benefit is one of the highest perceived value benefits offered to employees.

At Insurance Advisors we are industry Long-Term Care experts ready to help navigate to the right options for you and your employees. We work with you and your current agent, walking your employees through a smooth educational and enrollment process.

By providing your employees with an opportunity to protect their retirement, potentially get simplified underwriting and education on the important topic of Long Term Care there are many key employer benefits.

  • Help recruit & retain key employees

  • Tax deductible just as health insurance is

  • Completes the retirement package

  • Not subject to ERISA – Flexible structure to match your benefits package

Employee Benefits of Coverage:

  • Protects and completes retirement package

  • Group rates – lower than open market

  • Spouses/partners can apply

    • – Couples discount

  • Possible Simplified Underwriting for employee and partner

  • Opportunity to get coverage while young and health at lower premiums

  • Premiums can be paid using HSA

We Make it Easy!

  • Provide education to employees

  • Structure the benefit to match your benefits strategy

  • We work with you to effectively market and communicate to employees

  • Enrollments can be done in person at a local level or virtually in any state

  • Ongoing administration support

Group Types:

Take the Next Steps:

  • Review with your agent the benefits of offering an LTC Employee Benefit

  • Submit request: Submission Form & Agreement, Census

  • Review Quoted Options

  • Determine Rollout Timeline: Market, Employee Presentations

  • Enroll

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