Multi-life LTC On The Rise – 4 Great Options (Soon to be 5)

Multi-life LTC On The Rise – 4 Great Options (Soon to be 5)

Tis the season for benefit review and this year we are seeing an uptick in interest for an LTC benefit offering to their employees.  With rising health insurance costs one wonders why is this uptick being seen?

Two main reasons are contributing to this increase that we see:

  1. New Tax Plan – the benefits of the new tax overhaul is having more impact than hiring more people or increases in wages.  Companies are looking at providing better benefits as well.
  2. The LTC Train is Coming – People are very aware of the need for LTC as our population is aging and many decision makers in these companies are interested themselves.

Bringing this topic up to your group clients will yield great results in those interested.  The options are continuing to grow adding in greater flexibility for your clients and the sale.  Also, the benefits to the employees as well as tax advantages cannot be understated.

Agent: “But I’m not comfortable with LTC”

IA: “No worries!  We can help make it easy for you.  From teaching you the approach and process to be successful to taking care of things for you on the back end.”

This season don’t ignore starting the conversation with your clients when you have their attention.  Once attention is achieved, we will take care of the heavy lifting and set you up for success.  To learn more about our Multi-Life Partnership Program visit our site.



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