Multi-Life LTC

Multi-Life Long-Term Care Made Easy

We recognize the challenge for group agents lies in the approach to LTC and the execution of the sale. This leads to the agent leaving money on the table and missed opportunities.

At Insurance Advisors, we take the challenge out of the equation 

and make selling Multi-Life LTC easy!

How do we do this?

Provide Multi-Life LTC Benefit Brochure to initiate sales

  • Provide expertise in the field of LTC
  • Provide Sales Support
    • We qualify and quote your case, providing a high-level decision matrix to present to the employer
  • Supply marketing support including communications and group presentation
    • We work with you to effectively market and communicate to employees
  • Enrollment Services available
    • Enrollments can be done in person at a local level or virtually in any state
  • Ongoing administration support provided

Why Sell Multi-Life LTC?

Increase your income & renewals

Minimal maintenance & service work

Position yourself to retain clients

Employer Benefits

  • Helps recruit & maintain employees
  • Tax deductible 
  • Completes retirement package
  • & more!

Employee Benefits

  • Helps protect employees’ family & retirement income
  • Group Rates & Couples Discount
  • Spouses/Partners can apply
  • & more!

Types of Groups


Full underwriting is required, carveouts are allowed, and  incredible couples discount.  Down to 2 employees and owner  couples qualify if both work the business.


Simplified UW is available for all employees and souses. Employer contribution is mandatory for Simplified UW. Carveouts are allowed.

100 +

Simplified UW (SI) is available for all employees and spouses without employer contribution. Carveouts are allowed. 10 employee minimum approved for successful case with SI


Associations can provide this benefit to both corporate and individual members. Details will vary depending upon assn. dynamics. Ask your agent for further details.

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