One Sale, Double The Coverage

One Sale, Double The Coverage

Looking for a life-based long term care product that can cover two people under one policy? Sometimes clients are unsure whether or not they need protection – and may want to cover their spouse instead.

Kill two birds with one stone with a joint life product, which not only protects your client and his/her spouse, but also uses the same funds to do so.

This product offers the ultimate level of flexibility – it allows your clients access to a shared pool of long-term care benefits stemming from one premium payment. In addition, the second-to-die whole life structure creates a larger pool of shared benefits than they would otherwise have from a single life policy.

And for your single clients, the policy can be structured for two family members instead – assuming they do not have an age gap of more than 25 years.

Example clients Jim and Bonnie are married, both age 65, and in good health.

Other benefits include reduced cost of insurance charges and underwriting flexibility.

To learn more about the life-based long term care product and additional products being offered in the asset-based LTCi marketplace, contact us today.

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