Positive Conversations with Clients Addressing LTC Needs

Positive Conversations with Clients Addressing LTC Needs

The proliferation of articles such as “Voices Push through client fears about LTC needs” by Chelsea Emery and “Help clients face up to long-term care” by Charles Paikert is encouraging.

We are seeing an uptick in advisors addressing the need for LTC and going about it the right way helps.  These two articles show that by positively addressing and being persistent with clients about the need can change hearts and minds – even with those that are resistant to the conversation.

“A lot of planning by denial going on out there.
Clients are unlikely to bring the topic up on their own unless they’ve seen someone close to them have to deal with declining health…”

These articles take a decent look at many different funding options as well as the fears and avoidance of clients.  The LTC doesn’t have to be as challenging as many make it out to be.  Through starting up of positive conversations bringing up the issue and getting the client to understand the 3 Key Agreements will help you be successful with your clients.

  1. They could live a long life and thus could become frail needing care.
  2. The impact on their spouse, children, and financial plan a LTC event would have.
  3. That insurance s the only good viable solution for protection.

Don’t be an advisor resistant to having the LTC discussion with your clients.

For some great conversation starters check out our previous post – Starting the Long-Term Care Conversation.

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