Preparing Your Client for Interviews and Exams

Preparing Your Client for Interviews and Exams

There is no question that the insurance application process can be overwhelming to your clients.  Applications, interviews, paramed exams and cognitive assessments are frequently looked at with dread by clients and agents alike.  Understanding what is involved with each phase and how to assist your client to prepare is the key to reducing the stress and anxiety associated with the process.  Many carriers provide forms to assist the agent in preparing their client to improve the interview experience.

Below are some tips for preparing your clients.


The requirements needed vary depending on the type of insurance being applied for as well as the amount of insurance and the age of the client.  The agent should review the requirements that will be needed for each case in order to prepare the client.  Some or all of the following may be needed:

  • Medical Records (APS) from one or multiple physicians
  • Phone Interview (PHI)
  • Cognitive Interview
  • Face-To-Face Interview (FTF)
  • Paramed Exam



Lasts 30 – 45 minutes

The interview should be conducted in a quiet place without distractions.  Generally takes place in the home.

  • The client should have the following information ready before the interview:
  • Medications – name, dosage, how long taken
  • Physicians – names, addresses, phone numbers and dates and reason last seen
  • Surgeries and Hospital/ER visits – dates, physicians, and the reason/diagnosis
  • Results of recent Tests/Labs
  • If a cognitive assessment is required:
  • Could add 10-15 minutes to the interview time
  • Client should listen carefully to what the interviewer is saying to retain as much as possible
  • Clients often need to repeat a series of words and numbers during the exam.



Lasts 30 – 45 minutes

  • The client should get restful sleep the night before the exam
  • Stay hydrated
  • Document medications taken
  • Notify the examiner of any past blood-draw issues
  • Practice relaxation techniques to lower high blood pressure due to anxiety
  • Avoid salt, alcohol, nicotine, marijuana and caffeine
  • Avoid strenuous exercise before the exam


Preparation can go along way toward a smooth application process.  Please make sure that you understand what will be involved so that you can inform the client.

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