Protect & Grow

Protect & Grow

Today’s clients understand the need for life insurance as a tool to use to protect their families, but they are concerned about taking on premium payments that will reduce their ability to save for retirement.

They also realize that Social Security, pension plans and other assets might not be enough to maintain the standard of living they are accustom to throughout retirement. Clients and prospects need your assistance with finding solutions that will address all of their needs.

One strategy that can be used to help them meet both death benefit protection and retirement goals, is to use a combination of plans that consist of term and cash value life insurance.

Term life insurance plays an important role in the plan

Term life insurance reduces the costs associated with the total amount of life insurance necessary.

Cash value life insurance, when properly structured, also provides death benefit protection for the life of the insured, and has the potential to provide tax advantaged supplemental retirement income.

Clients want to protect their families and plan for retirement – they need your help. By combining low cost term with cash accumulation life insurance, clients are protected against the losses associated with an early death, and provided with supplemental income during retirement.

To discuss the benefits of combining term and cash value life insurance further, contact us today!

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