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If you run into a hard to place case whether it underwriting or a competitive situation, we have an easy to use life quote tool for Term, UL/GUL, and WL.

HAFA - Health Agents For America

Health Agents for America, Inc. “HAFA”, is a 501©6, bi-partisan exclusive association for Independent, Non-Captive Health Insurance Agents.

HAFA was formed in November 2012 to answer a need for Independent Health Agents to provide exclusive representation, in order to address matters such as commissions, the ACA and our inclusion in the Marketplace(s).

HAFA’S Mission

To provide a leading voice and to be an advocate for independent agents by keeping them apprised on pertinent federal and state legislation through training updates and education on a timely basis.

HAFA’S Vision

As the premier association, our vision is to preserve and enhance the role of the independent agent.

LeadingAge - Pathways

“Pathways” is part of a national initiative spearheaded by LeadingAge, the SCAN Foundation and AARP, to draw attention to the coming challenges in long term care financing, and model possible “pathways” to a tenable solution.

In June 2016, LeadingAge Ohio and the Ohio Association of Area Agencies on Aging (o4a) convened a group of lawmakers, researchers, experts in aging, and other stakeholders met in Columbus, Ohio for ongoing conversations on the viability of Ohio’s system of financing and providing care for Ohioans as they enter their golden years.

The Center for Long Term Care Reform

The Center for LTC Reform is a private institute dedicated to ensuring quality long-term care for all Americans by promoting public policy that targets scarce public resources to the neediest, while encouraging people who are young, healthy and affluent enough, to take responsibility for themselves.   We do this through…