Referral Program

“ Capture Lost Sales”

Benefits of using IA as a Referral Source

Taking care of clients

Take care of your clients’ needs when they inquire about something outside of your focus, cases you are not comfortable with, do not have the time to handle, or you are not certified to sell. Cases can be referred, and you can still get paid!

Capture lost income

Every referral successfully written generates income to you. You will receive a health commission.

A partner working on behalf of you

Never fear that your client will be stolen. We work on “behalf of you” as if we were a department of your agency. We have dedicated non-competitive agents ready to assist you.

Leverage your time

During crucial times such as AEP or Open Enrollment you may not have time for the one-off life sale. Instead of delaying or stretching yourself thin, we can handle the sale for you.

How it works

You Set it Up

We Handle the Rest

For Referral & Warm Introduction – *40% of the sale!

Program Notes:

Sales can be made in-person or online

If we have an enrolling agent in the area we can do an in-person sale with the client although we are finding most of our sales to be completed online. This allows us to effectively sell on behalf of you, across the country. Online sales are done via phone call and webinar presentation and we are finding many clients prefer it as it is easier to schedule, and they don’t feel the need to clean the house.

Is there a minimum case size that you will take?

We do not have a minimum case size currently as we want to support you fully. Small cases will likely be handled strictly via online.

Referring agents are paid in 2 ways

1. If you are licensed and able to write that line of product we will put you directly on the application (if possible) for 40% of the case. This way the carrier pays you directly for not only FYC but also renewals.

2. If you are not licensed / certified for the specific line we will pay you directly ourselves for your portion of FYC (no renewals). This includes certain lines (such as Medicare) that prevent more than one agent to be on the application. The payment to you is made after commissions are earned to prevent any early policy withdraws.

Yes, you get 40% of the case for most sales

For product lines such as LTC, Life, DI, Annuities, Ancillary, and Medicare Supplements it is 40% of what you would make if you wrote it yourself.

For Medicare Advantage we do a flat $ amount for referrals:
$100 for Medicare – New and Renewing beneficiaries
*Note: Medicare Advantage referrals are limited to specific areas. Please inquire to learn more.

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