”There are Options for those who failed to plan”

Senior Asset exChange Program

The “Senior Asset exChange Program” is designed to help families of individuals who have failed to plan for Long Term Care expenses find options that they may not be aware of to pay for care. Finding other options instead of just spending down their assets to qualify them for Medicaid benefits families. These options can protect the healthy spouse, preserve the estate, and position the individual to receive a higher quality of care.

Client Options

Agents in this program help clients decide about the best and most cost-efficient ways to
pay for care, protect the family, and financial plan. We review these options with clients:

Guaranteed Enhanced Income Annuity

Health underwritten, can pay out a higher payout versus standard annuities. Great for protecting an estate while providing lifetime income to pay for care.

Medicaid Compliant Annuity

Accelerate Medicaid eligibility and protect the nest egg.

Reverse Mortgage

Generate funds for care by using the equity in the home.


Government program providing care. Medical and Financial eligibility requirements.

Converting Life Insurance policy into LTC Funds

Hidden funds can found within life insurance policies that can be tapped through Life Settlements and provide the funds you need for a client’s LTC strategy.

Bridge Loan

Short-term funding option.

Veterans Administration Benefits

Military can benefit from the VA benefits for LTC.

How You Help

Working with assisted living facilities and other care providers they refer you clients interested in looking at their funding options for care. Advising them on their options a sale is potential an annuity sale or Life Settlement. Clients interested in reverse mortgages, bridge loans, or VA benefits you can easily refer them to the proper person. After taking care of the client an average of 45% of the families will want you to assist with their LTC planning leading to more sales.

How it Works

Connecting and marketing through Assisted Living Facilities (ALF’s) you’ll have willing referral sources. Clients get referred to you that you’ll walk through options. If sold on the concept of an annuity or life settlement the process forward is as simple as collecting some information in which we will analyze and provide quotes and feedback to you. If interested in the other options, you refer it on. From the marketing to the execution we make it easy for you.

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