Sidecar Health

An Innovative Approach to Health Care solution

Traditional Health insurance can be debilitating due to restrictive networks and unclear cost.…

Insurance Advisors has an alternative route to supporting your client’s health care needs with Sidecar Health. By including Sidecar Health in your portfolio, you’ll bring a useful and robust health solution to your business.

Sidecar Health offers freedom of choice, empowering the client while saving them money and adding value to your agency.

If you had access to a health plan that has these features, would you be interested?

  • Affordable – save 40% on healthcare costs when compared with traditional plans

    • 3-year rate lock option

  • First dollar overage / $0 deductible option

  • Covers Pre-Existing Conditions

  • Easy underwriting process – digital questionnaire

  • No enrollment period

  • Customizable plans

  • Maternity covered in approved states

  • No Network – go to any doctor

  • Covers more than 170,000 medically necessary services, procedures, and prescription drugs

Sidecar Health provides various features, tools, and information that empower members to make smarter decisions about their health care.

This is a great option for many individuals and families looking for robust coverage at an affordable price. Because they are ACA-exempt, this new health plan can save members 40% or more* over traditional insurance without the limitation of networks. This is also an attractive solution for part-time employees, 1099’s, and supplemental coverage for spouses and children of employees. It can fill in holes in coverage, helping many people.

“Comparison of premiums and coverage quoted to a 30-year-old person, with no pre-existing health conditions and residing in ZIP code 77002, for a premium policy administered by Sidecar Health and an Oscar Classic Gold plan issued by Oscar, and assuming $5,000 total annual health care spend (as of November 7, 2019).”

Supporting a broad range of clients, plans offered through Sidecar Health are available to:

Anyone interested in supplementing their coverage, uninsured, or simply looking for a great health care plan at an affordable price is an ideal candidate.

Are you ready to offer an affordable and robust Health Care option to your clients?

Sidecar Health is a must have for health agents!

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