Simple Conversations That Will Close Your Sale

Simple Conversations That Will Close Your Sale

When planning for retirement, most people take stock of their expenses to ensure they have enough income to live comfortably. But many fail to consider the significant price of long-term care services.

The average cost of nursing home care is approaching $80,000 a year.

Making it easy to see how a long-term care situation could quickly deplete the retirement nest egg that your clients have worked hard to build.

Explain how LTCI will help protect their retirement funds and close the sale with these simple conversation pointers:

Conversation Starter 1:

“Let’s talk about how your plan to live a long life could impact your spouse and your children.”

As people get older, they generally need more help. If your clients are like a lot of people, they mistakenly believe their long-term care needs are already taken care of.

Ask them if they have thought about:

  • Who will take care of you?
  • Will that person be able to be a full-time caregiver?
  • Where will you live?
  • Which one of your children might you be able to live with?
Conversation Starter 2:

“Did you know that major medical insurance doesn’t cover long-term care services? Medicare coverage is limited to helping people get back on their feet after an illness or injury. And relying on Medicare may mean spending down assets to qualify.”

Ask your clients how they would pay for the care they need if these options were taken off the table.

Have them consider:

  • Could you afford to pay an extra $36,000-$80,000 a year out of your retirement savings?
  • Would you have access to the funds you need? Or would you have to sell assets, cash in stocks, or dip into 401(k) or other savings accounts?
  • Which assets would you use to pay for your care?

An LTCI policy ensures that the funds your clients need are available to pay the bills for long-term care expenses – protecting their retirement assets and making their retirement dreams a reality.

Design a plan that is both affordable and the best solution for your clients’ needs – contact us for guidance.

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