Summer Time, And The DI Selling Is Easy

Summer Time, And The DI Selling Is Easy

With summer coming, your clients are most likely looking forward to soaking up the sun, and enjoying their favorite outdoor hobbies like mountain climbing, rafting, boating, etc.  What they probably don’t consider much about their favorite hobbies is the risk of injury that comes with them.

Accidents are bound to happen, and there are income protection policies geared towards these types of situations.

Consider This:

Let’s say your client gets a “boo-boo” – there is coverage that will provide them with a sufficient amount of time to recover, and tax-free income every month.  There are options for shorter term benefit plans which last from 3-6 months, to plans that would cover your client for up to 2 years.

Monthly benefits amounts are predicated on the client’s income with a max benefit of $5,000.  For most, this will keep the mortgage paid, lights on, and kids fed while they can recover.  For example, a 33 year-old carpenter with an annual income of $60K qualifies for $3,500 tax-free monthly income, for a $37 monthly premium.

If your client should get sick or injured, lands in the hospital and doesn’t have an Income Protection Plan in place, it’ll be too late.

Contact your Insurance Advisors Disability Income Sales Rep today to find out exactly how affordable Income Protection can be to fit any and all clients’ needs.

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