Supplemental Benefits, Made Easy!

Supplemental Benefits, Made Easy!

Employers have historically cut back on health insurance expenditures trying to keep budgets in line.  With the new tax cuts the pressure may be off some but employers have been looking at other options of bolstering their benefits and many are turning to adding supplemental benefits, many times employer paid.

Accident coverage and Critical Illness are a couple of the more popular options.

These additions are great for increasing employee moral, recruiting ability, reducing the burden on families, and increasing agents commissions.  Even so, an easy way to enroll these benefits are needed as agents continue to get busier every year.

Agents are looking for ease of application as well as self serve portals.  Many carriers are answering the call!  To see an example of this CLICK HERE.

Other technology is available as well to streamline this process such as platforms.  Platforms can make this easier however often you will find costs associated with the use that you will have to evaluate the overall value.

Whether you are an individual or group agent make sure you are setup to capitalize on supplemental sales this year EASILY!

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