Tackling New Markets – Challenges & Success

Tackling New Markets – Challenges & Success

Increasingly sales by taking on new markets beyond your primary has been many a mantra from sales executives such as myself.

Increased revenue is the goal but why do so many not pursue or fail in the process?

The Challenge:

The answer can be found in Newton Laws of Motion.  Just as an object will stay in motion in the same direction wo will an agent work towards their primary focus.  Changing focus takes massive effort and energy and this is the challenge of tackling new markets.

Successfully Tackling a New Market:

We operate with understanding of the 1 Degree Rule.

1 Degree Rule:

For an agent to be successful tackling a new market the market and/or actions required need to be within 1 degree of separation from their primary focus.

Essentially, we:

  1. Market similar focused lines of products – easily expanding on their current client’s attention.
  2. For different focused lines – we have put systems and support in place allowing an agents actions to remain within 1 degree.
  3. Built systems – easily executable making the process for the agent fluid.

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