The Employer “Health Squeeze”

The Employer “Health Squeeze”

Although the “Health Squeeze” sounds like a new trend in the smoothie industry, it is much less exciting as agents out there are feeling the pain of employer budgets being squeezed due to the continuous catapult of heath insurance costs.  For many this will mean lack or loss of sales but for those agents who embrace change can find great opportunity.

A couple opportunities available:

The High Deductible Supplement Sale

Christian based Health Plans with a Supplemental “Ancillary Wrap”

Both of these opportunities pull upon the power of ancillary products to fill in the gaps.  The High Deductible health plan (HDHP) has benefits of lowering costs to the employer, keeping costs in line while still providing coverage to employees.  These HDHP are not always great for employees families that need to use their benefit.  By adding the supplemental ancillary benefits into the solution can fill in that gap in coverage protecting a family from the impact of the deductible of their new plan.  The Christian based health plans are operating under the same premise of lowering health care costs while covering the gaps with an “Ancillary Wrap” making the coverage robust.

How hard is an Ancillary Wrap to implement – It’s Easy!

Self Serve Portals and easy enrollment platforms along with employer list bills, implementing is easy.

There are great startup bonus programs as well to get you going.



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