The Insurance Market you need to pay attention to.

Medicare population

The Insurance Market you need to pay attention to.

Whether you are just dabbling, already in business, or are not interested at all, Medicare is the insurance market you need to pay attention to. It’s 2021 and the Medicare population is growing. Ask yourself, “How can I better serve my clients this year?”

For starters, offering senior solutions such as Medicare will not only open your services up to a growing market but it will serve your current book of business.

  • How many clients of yours are approaching age 65?
  • How many clients do you have that are 65+?

That’s how many Medicare clients you already have and can help navigate to the best health plan for their situation.

Medicare can seem intimidating to clients, but with the right training, support and partnership, educating and serving your clients it can be as simple as you’d like. At Insurance Advisors we have the dedication and expertise to elevate agents and agencies in the Senior Market. Our Medicare 3P’s Program offers the agents the ability to break into the market with guidance and support every step of the way.

By serving the senior market you can:

  • Penetrate the Medicare market
  • Propel your sales

  • Protect your book of business

With our training, contracting, referrals, and lead strategies your business can stand out from the competition. Now is the time to capitalize on and maximize the opportunity in the senior market. There are over 10k people turning 65 a day and we are here to prioritize your success.

Even if breaking into a new market is not on your to-do-list this year, throwing away business  likely is no either. Utilizing IA’s Referral Program to take care of your clients for solely what you request is another option for agents to capture lost sales. You can fully support your senior clients insurance needs.

You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to better serve your clients. Insurance Advisors is here to make sure you are never in that position. Contact us now to learn more about how.

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