The “Unaffordable” Care Act

The “Unaffordable” Care Act

This post is a follow-up to last weeks regarding the turmoil that many health agents are finding themselves in dealing with rate increases, lack of availability, and treacherous waters.  Every week it seems I’m speaking with another agent using their creativity to solve the issues of health insurance for their clients.  This week I spoke with an agent who was writing self-funded group plans for 2 people (husband and wife) just to get a good rate while requiring them to go through hoops on reporting standards.

One of the best and simplest routes I’ve seen, two in particular, are moving people to high deductible bronze plans and adding supplemental coverage or these Christian based health plans while adding supplemental benefits to fill in the gaps.  Either way the use of supplemental products such as Accident, Hospital Recovery, and Critical Illness, are part of the solution.

This year we are committed to working with agents to help them in finding solutions that can benefit their clients and business strategy for this year while maintaining simplicity and speed.  As an example having self-applying portals making the application process easy for the agent and simple for the client.  Quickly apply right in the office or through an email sent to your client.  To see this in action click on this link.

To discuss how we can help get you set for Open Enrollment give us a call.

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